With solar panels, new energy-efficient heating and brand new lifts, the Beecroft Building takes strides to become a low-carbon building.

It is a wonderful thing that that the council have invested in a number of borough wide energy efficiency projects for the benefit of our community.”

Dr. Terence Lewis, Msc, Bsc, EMA


Energyst Consulting

The Hive moved into the Beecroft Building in May 2015. Since then the organisations based in the Old Central Library have worked with Southend Borough Council to welcome new environmental installations which have been made to the facility.

The Old Central Library was built in 1974, an important landmark along Southend’s Victoria Avenue. Following the move of the Library to the Forum in 2012, the Beecroft Art Gallery moved into the building in 2014 and the Hive Enterprise Centre moved in in 2015. The building is now home to over 40 organisations, various art exhibitions and a newly launched Jazz Centre.

Over the past few years Southend Borough Council have worked with the tenants on various environmental projects to reduce the running costs of the building.

Solar Panels

In 2015 a 10 kWp array of Solar photo voltaic panels were installed on the roof of the Beecroft Building in Southend-on-Sea. They are producing 9,500 kW of electricity per year which equates to a carbon emission saving of 3,340 kg.e of harmful Green House Gas carbon emissions per year. The equivalent of 4 hot air balloons full of harmful chemicals…


In addition to the environmental benefits the tenants of the building make additional financial savings from the electricity generated plus can create an income from the Governments Feed in Tariff Scheme.

Dr Terence Lewis MSc. BSc. EMA.   (Former Renewable Energy Officer for Southend on Sea Borough Council) designed and installed the solar panels in December of 2016.

Dr Lewis has since left the Council to set up his own company Energyst Consulting. Dr Terence now helps organisations across the UK to lower their carbon footprint whilst making reductions in their bottom line spending.

In March 2018 Terence took up membership at the Hive Enterprise Centre and is currently personally enjoying the benefits of this carbon reduction project.

New Lifts

In 2016 the outdated lifts were replaced with larger, more energy efficient models. The display in the modern lifts even shows you how much energy it’s using! The new much more reliant lifts were gratefully received by all the users of the Beecroft building.

New Heating

In late 2016 and early 2017, the heating system that had been installed when the building was first built was replaced. The project took several months to complete, but the new system allowed for a much more energy-efficient air handling system.

New internal bike racks

Taking on some feedback from members of the Hive Enterprise Centre who wanted a more secure place to leave their bicycles, the Hive installed internal bike racks in late 2017. The new internal bike racks act to further reduce the carbon footprint of customers by encouraging them to travel to the centre on two wheels. The Hive Enterprise Centre is always looking for innovative new ways to improve the energy efficiency of the building!


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