Sales Funnels in online marketing are the lead generating marketing strategy in 2018. Every business is on social media and the internet these days, however many businesses are not really monitoring  it. Ask yourself the following question: Am I really making money with social media, with my Facebook page, my Twitter profile, Instagram, etc. Often the answer is no, because content, branding and followers are not enough. In fact, they are useless if you cannot close the bridge of converting followers into leads.

Thats where Sales Funnels come in. A Sales Funnel defines the customer’s journey from being a stranger to becoming a customer. In the event we will provide you with a platform where you can figure out the sales funnel strategy for your business to generate leads and to monitor social media.


– Please bring your laptop to this event to that so you start building your sales funnel and make the most of the value and information we will share.

Date Tuesday 30th January 2018
Time 11.00 - 12.00
Price Free
Location The Hive

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