technology in the workplace

Changes in technology in the workplace

Over my 40+ years of working life, technology in the workplace has changed out of all recognition.  Gone are the days of the manual typewriter, duplicating machines and rubber stamps where the introduction of a fax machine was a major leap forward.


All contact was made by letter, which made the process rather drawn out, with only the occasional use of the telephone in an emergency.  However, this has left behind a treasure trove of documents to look back on.   Letters written to loved ones can often say much more than can be put into words.   Documents, including ideas and statements written by a solicitor or banker to a client, can also give an insight into a different world with vastly different standards.


Electric typewriters and subsequently PCs, laptops etc. have increased access to the world and vastly improved the speed of communication.  Whether this is always a benefit is more questionable.   A slower pace allows some reflection on what is being written or suggested with a chance to draw back from doing something impetuous which could have serious implications.   It also allows more personal contact to take place which can give a human touch to some rather tedious transactions.


In the past a single change in technology has changed the whole way things were done.   The introduction of the steam engine revolutionised travel and machinery and the invention of the telephone changed communication for ever.    Probably the most important change in recent years is the internet and the access to information and people that this allows.   Hopefully our grandchildren and great grandchildren will look back on this with same admiration that we look on the steam engine and telephone.


With the internet now the standard form of communication it’s paramount for your business to have reliable, quick and secure WiFi. This is readily available as standard at the Hive Enterprise Centre where we offer a fail-safe solution complete with the reassurance of a backup internet line and 24-hour network support. This means you can rest assured that the form of communication you rely on so much for your business to function comes as standard, included in your all-inclusive licence fee.

Written by Stephanie Corder, Customer Service Coordinator

December 2017

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