The Daily Commute

The Daily Commute  For many people, the working day starts with the daily commute to work by train. This can be a rather tedious experience dealing with delayed services and travelling in overcrowded carriages.   For people who live in our part of Essex, it can add over an hour at the beginning and end of […]

Assent – The Risk Management Team

Download a pdf version of Assent’s Case study here Assent Risk Management Assent Risk Management is a group of specialist consultants who help companies achieve and maintain management systems and certification to standards including ISO. The Assent team are a considerably small team so when working in such a small isolated office together they said […]

Apples or Oranges

As serviced office providers go The Hive Enterprise Centre is an innovative business, but what does innovation mean? The definition of “innovation” is “change”. The trouble with this is that people don’t like change! The biggest challenge I face as the Operations Manager of The Hive Enterprise Centre is communicating our product to an audience […]

The Hive Goes Green

With solar panels, new energy-efficient heating and brand new lifts, the Beecroft Building takes strides to become a low-carbon building. “It is a wonderful thing that that the council have invested in a number of borough wide energy efficiency projects for the benefit of our community.” Dr. Terence Lewis, Msc, Bsc, EMA Director Energyst Consulting […]