One monthly bill!

No gas bills, electricity bills, phone bills, internet bills, cleaning bills, maintenance costs to worry about!

Town centre location!

Clients won’t get lost and you’re within 10 minutes’ walk of two mainline stations!

No leases!

No tie-in costs or direct debits, means you’re free to move up or down in your membership. If business is slow downgrade, if it’s booming expand to take further space!

Fully serviced reception!

Impress your clients without needing to employ your own receptionist!

‘The Hive Enterprise Centre’

Use The Hive as your business mailing address. There’s always some here to sign for your package!

Essex office space
The Hive - decor
Business support

We’re above an art gallery!

Imagine how impressed your clients will be on the way to your office! It’s much more professional than meeting a client in a noisy coffee shop.

A place to call your own!

Separate work and take your business to the next stage.

Conference space
Southend on Sea - The Hive

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