Change to Co-Working for the better!

When people are a start-up, freelancer or just one man band it can be very difficult to pick your work environment. Thinking about co-working spaces? Well here are the advantages.

Co-working spaces are becoming more and more common, as it’s great to communicate with like minded business people, have good internet connections and a clean work environment.

As well as having the positivity you are never alone so you always have someone to socialise with. You are also building a good network and this will help you to connect with the most relevant people for your business, such as potential customers, suppliers and even business partners. It helps to make yourself more professional and to take your business more seriously when working away from home.

Co-working spaces can reduce costs and add more flexibility. Business centres usually take care of all the bills such as cleaning, internet, telephony and general utilities services.

All customers pay one fixed bill a month and everything is included in that payment. The other bonuses of working from a co-working space is that you will always have that extra help when needed as you are always surrounded by people that may have been in the same situation.

The opportunities that you get from working in a co-working space are brilliant as you have access to all networking events and opportunities because other people will be attending them. Working around people that you have never met before can be a real bonus to yourself as you will learn the skills to adapt to new environments. This mean you will find it easier to do day to day things and even travel the world.

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The Hive’s HotDesking Area

Here at the Hive we offer two different type of co-working spaces. Our Hot Desk area gives you access from Monday to Friday, 7-11 each day. You come and work from a desk within the Hot Desk area, but you do not have a permanent desk space. Every day you come with any of your work essentials then once you are done you leave the desk as you found it.

Our Home Desk area is where that desk is specific to, you get 24/7 access into the building 365 days a year so you may leave any work essentials at your desk and you have your own pedestal where you may leave any items locked away. This area has a very friendly environment as everyone knows each other. You are also in the same space as the Snugs so you are never alone.

If you would like any more information about our Co-Working space then please give us a call on 01702 416000.

By Jessica Macmillan

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