Assent risk management

Download a pdf version of Assent’s Case study here Assent Risk Management

Assent Risk Management is a group of specialist consultants who help companies achieve and maintain management systems and certification to standards including ISO.

The Assent team are a considerably small team so when working in such a small isolated office together they said that it could get quite lonely at times and they lacked the social aspects of working around other businesses. Since moving into The Hive, the Assent staff have been networking and building relationships with other businesses in the Centre. The new social aspect of their working day has boosted their morale and helped to motivate them.

In their previous office, Assent had access to their own private toilets and kitchen they had the added responsibility of maintaining these facilities on top of their everyday tasks. Among other things, the Hive provides a cleaning service included within the licence fee this has now alleviated the added stress to Assent’s daily tasks.

Assent stated that one of the best points about moving into The Hive was the front desk and reception staff. They said that it is amazing to have someone to greet the guests and have an area for guests to wait in, this made the company look professional and improved the overall experience of their guests visit to their premises. The Hive also provides extra facilities for Assent which were not possible in their previous office such as, disabled access, Break-out areas and meeting room space.

Before Assent moved into The Hive they had a private office in the Tarpots area. Donna Clements said, “We felt isolated in the old office, even the surrounding area was very isolated there was hardly anywhere to go”, since being at The Hive they have been able to go out into the high street, eat lunch in many different local restaurants and cafes.

Lauren Tobin is Assent’s marketing apprentice. Lauren has been with Assent for just over a year now and is completing her Level 2 marketing course. Since working with Assent, Lauren has been able to gain copious amounts of skills that will help her through life with any job she goes into. Lauren attends professional networking events and conferences at the Hive and holds meetings with clients, these are things that she wouldn’t have been able to do at her age if it wasn’t for an apprenticeship.

Going forwards Assent are hosting their own workshop regarding the new GDPR legislations and how to ensure that your company knows exactly how to work with the new laws.

Their free workshop will take place on Friday 20th April at 10.30 – 12.30 at the Hive Enterprise Centre.

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