As serviced office providers go The Hive Enterprise Centre is an innovative business, but what does innovation mean?

The definition of “innovation” is “change”. The trouble with this is that people don’t like change!

The biggest challenge I face as the Operations Manager of The Hive Enterprise Centre is communicating our product to an audience that has largely never seen this on the market before. But of course, history is filled with examples. One story stands out above the others…
The late 19th century saw the arrival of the first escalators, an invention which we now take for granted. But back in the day, the concept of a moving staircase was extremely nerve-racking to the point where people refused to use this “dangerous device” to ascend a level. It got so bad that actors were employed to ride the escalators all day to convince the general population that they were in fact safe! In fact, customers of the first ever London escalator in Knightsbridge station were offered free brandy following their “ordeal“.

On the surface, an escalator does exactly the same job as a staircase, but comparing the two is very similar to comparing an apple with an orange. If I asked you at Angel station in London to choose between taking the escalator or attempting the 60-metre stairwell climb, I’m confident I’ll know your response. The Hive Enterprise Centre offers fully inclusive office space to the level that no other facility in Essex provides!
Whenever we show a new customer around I have to hammer home that you don’t pay rent, you pay a licence fee, which covers EVERYTHING. If you compare the upfront cost of our fully serviced office units with a standard leased property, we’re going to look more expensive on the surface. But forget about the Oranges for a moment, let’s start comparing apples with apples!

In a leased property consider the following:

1. How long are you tied in for? Can you afford the lease if God-forbid something goes wrong?

2. How much are the solicitor’s fees to review the lease? And how long is that going to take?

3. How much is your furniture going to cost?

4. How much are your energy bills going to cost?

5. How much is your cleaning going to cost?

6. Are you liable for any building repairs

? 7. Are you liable for business rates?

8. How much is your internet connectivity, telephone, maintenance and IT support going to cost? And how long until it goes live?

9. Do you need to think about taking on a receptionist to deal with any customers that walk in and accept mail?

10. What about security?

11. Do you a team of people on site dedicated to supporting you and your company (and who want to see you grow as a business)?

12. Do you need to think about having a private meeting room?

By the time you’ve added all of these costs together and realised that you will be responsible for managing all of these, suddenly a serviced office solution becomes a lot more appealing!

The flexible licence fee at the Hive Enterprise Centre covers all of the above to make sure that you’re well looked after and streamlining your costs, making it more affordable. And when you’re ready to take on a leased property and tackle these queries above, you’re free to go on just 30 days’ notice!

Book your meeting with us today to see how much money we can save you on your office and facilities costs. Just like those escalators- let’s take this to the next level! 01702 416000

Seb Coombs

Operations Manager

The Hive Enterprise Centre- Southend Victoria

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