The Daily Commute

 For many people, the working day starts with the daily commute to work by train. This can be a rather tedious experience dealing with delayed services and travelling in overcrowded carriages.   For people who live in our part of Essex, it can add over an hour at the beginning and end of every working day and is taking up an increasing amount of disposable income.   Spending a lot of time travelling to work can mean that you start the day in a stressed state, which is not good for anyone, and the less time you have to spend with your family.   As a mother and grandmother, I know how important this time is.

In this modern world, with the advances in technology giving us the ability to “speak” to one another by a variety of means, is it really necessary to always work in an office? With video conferencing, people do not necessarily need to be in the same room as one another to hold a meeting. It is also easy to share documents via email and other electronic means which makes face to face contact less necessary than previously.

Is there an answer to the problem?  Here at The Hive, we offer a variety of solutions to enable you to have a more relaxing and therefore more productive day.   For those who don’t need a permanent space to work there are our Hot Desks. These are available from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Monday to Friday to enable you to fit work around your family life.   There is free wi-fi and free tea and coffee for all members and their guests.

If you need a more permanent base there are our Home Desks.   These give 24/7 access, a permanent desk and storage and plug-in wi-fi for extra speed and security.  Both are based in open areas where you can mix with other members or work on your own. We offer a relaxed and friendly solution at a fraction of the cost of travelling to London.

The next time you get to the station to learn that all trains have been cancelled due to overrunning engineering work, think about how you want to spend the next few years of your working life.

By Stephanie Corder, Customer Service Coordinator.

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How does the UK commute? – Infographic

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