Start-Up Surveyor sees rapid growth

T M O’Mullane Associates Ltd takes on more space at the Hive within just 2 months of taking occupation.

“As a naturally social person I find the Hive a fantastic place for meeting new business contacts. I’m constantly networking and sharing new ideas with the people I’m working with here.” Tim O’Mullane Director

Surveyor, Tim O’Mullane, first visited the Hive Enterprise Centre after meeting HomeDesker Laura from the British and Irish Trading Alliance outside the building. As a result of a quick tour around the centre Tim took up occupation as a Hotdesker in December 2016.

The Hive proved to be a perfect set up for Tim who was in the middle of starting his own surveyors firm named T M O’Mullane Associates. As a result of being in the Hive Tim was able to successfully network with other organisations and even had his website and branding designed by fellow Hive Hotdesker Odette from ZPMNL.

Within a month Tim left his HotDesk behind to upgrade to a HomeDesk. After just 8 weeks of being at the Hive the HomeDesk was not enough and he upgraded yet again to a private Snug with two desks with the view of employing new staff.

Tim is successfully growing his start-up business which is flourishing due to the amount of business networking he does. Tim looks to the future where he hopes to expand his portfolio and do some more local work with Southend Council.

T M O’Mullane’s website is now live:

Britist and Irish Trading Alliance website:

ZPMNL website:

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