PokeMarketing, Go!

So, it’s back! I can’t believe that I’m seeing the Pokemon craze once again resurface. I remember all those years ago wasting my summer holiday sat in a dark room chasing Pokemon on a 2 inch analogue screen. This is why I have to applaud Nintendo.

They have managed to convince a whole generation of kids (and big kids) to venture outdoors. Not only this, but they have turned on all of these guys and girls to the wonders of modern technology. Being an ambassador for Public Health and the founding members of Tech City-on-Sea this makes this particular app very interesting to us! It’s marvellous!

The Hive- Pokestop

Yesterday morning we discovered that we’re a PokeStop. This means that players (or trainers as they’re referred to in the app) can walk to our building and restock their pokeballs. It also means we’re a bit of a hotbed for Pokemon. As a result, thanks to this app, we’ve got a constant flow of trainers walking up to our building staring at their phone…. So we’ve decided to invite them in!

We’re offering a free ice-cold drink and a crunchie bar to all PokeMon trainers. All they have to do is make their way to the Hive on the second floor and tweet us @thehivesouthend or check-in on Facebook ‘The Hive- Southend’.

We appreciate trying to ‘catch ‘em all’ is thirsty work, especially in this heat!




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