After a year of working at The Hive Enterprise Centre, I am due to leave the Hive team on Friday 29th September, after completing my 1-year Digital Marketing course.

This year at the Hive has been a massive learning curve for me and I am very thankful to Seb and Mark for letting me be a part of the Hive team. I started here without any full-time job experience and they took a real gamble in hiring me and I hope I have done them proud. This year has made me realise how glad I am to have done an Apprenticeship and started full-time employment instead of doing my A-Levels and going to University and i would fully recommend anyone to get an Apprenticeship.

Over the course of the year I took a real shining to the technical support side of the job, being trusted with some of the IT background systems that run in the Hive. I am very grateful for this opportunity because it made me realise I would like to pursue a Career in IT Technical Support. After a quick stop off in Cyprus to reward myself for such a hectic year, I will be looking to secure a role in 1st Line Technical Support with training to gain the qualifications to be able to gain better jobs in the future.

To everyone who has worked in the Hive throughout my year here thank you for making this experience so memorable. A special thank you to the Hive team: Mark, Seb, Steph, Emily, Grace and Jess. It has been a brilliant year full of laughs and madness and I will not forget my time here, I wish you all the best in whatever you get up to in the future. I know this experience has set me up well for my future endeavours.

Thank you

Calum Smith

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