Hi, I’m Jess and I am a Digital Marketing Apprentice at The Hive Enterprise. I am 18 years old and have a passion for digital marketing and social media. I am from Hockley and have lived my whole life. I am new to the team and looking forward to learning all about The Hive and how my career in Digital Marketing can expand. My hobbies include, going out and socialising with my friends, exercising at the gym and writing posts on my own blog site.


I finished my two years of college back in July 2017, from there I attended interviews and read into digital marketing as I knew I wanted to do this as a future career. From my interviews that I had a I learnt about the real world, as one of my interviews was in London, my dream is for one-day work in London as it’s such an amazing city and to the can work there would be wonderful.


My passion for social media and digital marketing came from my own blog. Around two years ago, I started my very own blog called Jessica Lily’s Blog. This came around from my passion with Makeup as I wanted to set up a blog all around Make-up, now I am trying to branch out and post about more lifestyle posts. Alongside my blog I also run different social media platforms to help market my blog and to advertise what I do.


In my spare time, I tend to spend time with my friends and family. Recently I have joined the gym to help me feel better in myself and the exercise more as I won’t be as active in an office anymore. Then I like to spend some time relaxing at home, catch up with all my favourite TV series and sometime watch YouTube videos.

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