Many people including myself will consider January to be the worst month of the year. Christmas is over, you have no money and you’ve let yourself go a little bit over the festive period. To make matters worse it’s freezing cold and seems to getting colder. The temperature always seems to decrease from December and if we ever get snow it’s always in January. I’m never complaining when there’s snow about but it’s a bitter sweet feeling as now is the time we start dreaming of summer time and start to plan our holidays to beautiful countries around the world with a bit more sun than what England has to offer .

To pay for that summer holiday though you’ve got to earn the money. This is where the Hive comes into play. Starting from just £99+ vat per month it’s a cheap yet excellent way to beat the January blues by getting out of the house and all the distractions that come with working from home. Starting fresh for the new year in a fantastic, friendly, business environment. With loads of help and information on offer from Business support teams such as NWES or BEST Growth Hub along with a selection of different businesses and their staff members that are made easy to talk to in our open plan work spaces. We’ve had multiple members of the Hive join forces with other members so who says you couldn’t do the same and form the greatest duo since Tom and Jerry.

To have a look at all that we offer here at the Hive or to book a tour go to our ‘Contact us’ page or give us a call on 01702 416000


Digital Marketing Apprentice

Calum Smith

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