This all started back over a month ago when Jefferies Solicitors challenged us at the Hive to a game of football. This was something Seb and me or I were keen on and thought it could it be a great idea to take into the future. We thought we could get other businesses involved and create a little friendly league for the local businesses in the area. There was one problem that arose when we were planning our game: The venue and its price. To pay for a venue and a referee each week would have cost us a lot of money and we weren’t sure whether our teammates and opposition would have been up for forking out £5+ each week.

So Seb had an idea…

Seb met with Angela Squires, a Business Engagement Officer for the Southend Council. She offered us a deal that under the Public Health Responsibility Deal, the council would part fund the event for 6 weeks. The aim is to sustain the tournament ourselves going forward.

“Southend’s Public Health Responsibility Deal funds resources to help organisations in the Borough support a healthy workforce by kick starting wellbeing programmes”.

“Playing football in ‘Movember’, men’s health month, is a great way to get more active, build a sense of team amongst colleagues and provides an opportunity for networking”.

Angela Squires, Business Engagement officer.


Jefferies Solicitors jumped at this offer and we decided to immediately contact other organisations such as Zeki Recruitment; AJ Chambers and Ventrica to organise a little league between all of us.

Starting from last week three teams play a twenty minute game each.. So far we are two weeks in and I can say that it is a massive success. The Hive are currently unbeaten in three having lost their opening game to Jefferies Solicitors. They have two wins out of two having not played last night whilst Zeki Recruitment have a win and a loss from last night’s games. Unfortunately, AJ Chambers and Ventrica are stuck at the bottom with 0 points each from two games; but it’s still early doors. We’ve got 4 weeks left of games to play who knows who will come out victorious.

We now have the next two weeks’ schedules already booked and are looking to comfortably complete this 6-week trial period.

A big thanks to Chris from HARP media; Jack from Sharpe Financial Solutions and Nathan from A Better Start Southend. Along with Seb and I we have formed quite the destructive 5-a-side team. Also, a huge thanks to a handful of Seb’s mates who have come down and offered a much-needed rest of legs for our Hive members. A massive thanks to all the other organisations who agree to play against us and are the reason that this friendly competition is going so well.

Any business interested in hearing more about the offer under the Public Health Responsibility Deal can contact or call 01702 534456.

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