Our Christmas party took place on 7th December and we were delighted to welcome over 40 “Friends”, past and present businesses and representatives from other local organisations, to the event. There was food and drink and the famous, or infamous, Hive Christmas Quiz.  This was devised and presented by Seb and involved six rounds of 10 questions each about a variety of topics from local knowledge to special dates. There was also a round where you had to match a statement to the owner/manager of a business. These varied from who had presented David Cameron with a pink T shirt to who had been married three times to the same person!!  This created quite a bit of speculation and hilarity.

It was a fun afternoon enjoyed by everyone and enhanced the already happy atmosphere here. The Reception area is now fully decorated for Christmas and every member has been given a chocolate advent calendar to count down the days to the big day. All we are waiting for now is a visit from Santa which I am sure can be arranged.

Come and join us.   You can be as silly or serious as you like, everyone is welcome.



Stephanie Corder – Customer Service Coordinator

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