The kids are back at school, a million working mothers and fathers breathe a sigh of relief as they drop little Keith and Jemima off in the school yard. Then you go back into your office and realise that actually, they weren’t that much of a handful and actually, you’d rather be running around after them at home than attempting to tackle that mountain of paperwork on your desk at work. You sit there and reminisce about how much simpler life was sat in front of the TV watching Aristocats on repeat all-day while Jemima learns to play the drums… on your John Lewis saucepans collection.


Even the commute seems a lot harder. You walk down to the station and recognise the exact same crowd of tired office zombies in suits, staring blankly across the platform. There’s Dave, the accountant who works in Old Street, there’s Mohammed, the IT technician who works in Canada Water and there’s Sharon the annoying office manager who always chats to you just when you’re about to nod off on the train… (You’ll get on another carriage next time!)

Everyone looks exactly the same if not a little more tanned and a little more fat. (Oh look, Dave’s got a new genuine, fake Gucci leather suitcase he no doubt bought from a slightly questionable market stand in Bodrum.)


Perhaps it’s time to make a change. Do you really need to take the train all the way up to London just to write a couple of invoices? Surely that can be done from somewhere more local! At the Hive, you can have unlimited use of a desk from just £99.00 + vat per month. That’s less than £4 a day! Why not stay in Sunny Southend for a little bit longer and trial out the future of office space. We’re still running our free week trials into September – if you want to take advantage of this just let us know! Call us on: 01702 416000 or just pop in for a tour!


Jemima and Keith will thank you when they get their Mummy or Daddy home earlier than usual too! Or perhaps you shouldn’t mention that… She still hasn’t mastered ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ on those saucepans yet…


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